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Cajun chicken kebabs with a sweet chilli dip

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4 Chicken Breast Chicken Breast
2 tsp tsp Curry Powder Curry Powder
1 tsp tsp Paprika powder Paprika powder
2 tsp tsp Salt Salt
1 tsp tsp Olive Oil Olive Oil
6 tbsp tbsp Sour Cream Sour Cream
1 Lemon Lemon
3 tbsp tbsp Sweet Chili Sauce Sweet Chili Sauce

Cajun Chicken Kebabs with a Sweet Chilli Dip

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30 min


  1. Mix the chicken with oil, herbs and spices and set to one side.
  2. Now skewer the chicken and place to one side or marinate overnight.
  3. Now grill on the bbq for four minutes on each side and finish with a squeeze of lemon.
  4. For the dip mix the sour cream and chilli sauce together and serve.