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Inismara cod fillets with buttered new potatoes, pea puree and mint vinaigrette

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24 Baby Potatos Baby Potato
20 g g Butter Butter
1 bunch bunch Mint Mint
1 tsp tsp Mustard Mustard
6 tsp tsp Olive Oil Olive Oil
100 ml ml Cream Cream
2 tsp tsp Sugar Sugar
2 fillets fillet Cod Cod

Inismara Cod Fillets with Buttered New Potatoes, Pea Puree and Mint Vinaigrette

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45 min


  1. Pre heat oven to 180°
  2. Cook baby potatoes in a hot pan until soft.
  3. When cooked strain the potatoes, season, add butter and keep warm.
  4. To make the vinaigrette mix mustard, mint, olive oil and honey together.
  5. For the pea puree, place the frozen peas in a hot pan with cream sugar
  6. Boil for ten minutes until soft.
  7. Season the peas and blitz in a blender to create a puree, if the puree is too thick add water.
  8. To seal the cod fillets season with salt and pepper and place in a hot pan with some oil.
  9. Then finish the cod fillets by placing them into a pre-heated oven for ten minutes.
  10. Begin to plate up for dish by placing pea puree on a plate with potatoes. Place the cod on top and finish with vinaigrette.