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Kaki Fruit Smoothie

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1 Lime Lime
1 Sharon Fruit Sharon Fruit
(Kaki Fruit - depending on season))
170 g g Bananas Banana
1 - 2 tsp tsp Brown Sugar Brown Sugar
2 slices slice Sharon Fruit Sharon Fruit
(For decoration)
1 half half Red Chilli Pepper Red Chilli Pepper
1 Grapefruits Grapefruit

Kaki Fruit Smoothie

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30 min


1.Wash lime with hot water and grate some of the peel. 2.Squeeze lime and grapefruit. 3.Clean chili, core it and cut it roughly. 4.Peel and roughly chop kaki and banana. 5.Puree with chili and a little grapefruit juice. 6.Add the remaining grapefruit and lime juice as well as grated peel and puree again until frothy. 7.Season to taste with a little sugar. 8.Pour the smoothie in 2 glasses and decorate with slices.


Fat1 g Carbonhydrates43 g Protein2 g kCal199 Kilojoule835