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Orange Pralines

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200 g g Dark Chocolates Dark Chocolate
50 g g White chocolate White chocolate
25 g g Butter Butter
1 tbsp tbsp Icing Sugar Icing Sugar
40 g g Orange Marmalade Orange Marmalade
Oranges Orange

Orange Pralines

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20 min


1.Finely chop the dark chocolate. 2.2/3 melt over a hot water bath. Remove from the water bath, add the remaining chopped chocolate and dissolve while stirring. 3.Fill chocolates hollow molds halfway, gently swirl to avoid air bubbles. 4.Then fill with liquid chocolate and let stand for 5 minutes. 5.Turn the mold on a wire rack with a piece of baking paper underneath and drain off excess chocolate for 15 minutes. 6.Then wipe off the mold with a knife back and leave the hollow body in a cool place for at least 30 minutes.7.Lightly heat the jam, pass it through a sieve and add a knife tip to each chocolate hollow body. 8.Chop white chocolate and melt over the warm water bath while stirring. Allow to cool slightly. 9.Rub the orange peel finely, squeeze out some juice. 10.Stir butter and powdered sugar until creamy. 11.Add orange peel and 1 tsp juice. 12.Stir in white chocolate. Fill the chocolates just below the rim into the chocolates. 13.Allow to cool for 2 hours.14.Chop up the dark chocolate again and melt, allow to cool slightly. 15.Seal the chocolates over the filling and let them solidify. 16.Gently remove from the molds and store until cool.

Additional requirements: Chocolate Molds for approx 15. chocolates. (preferably made from silicone)Baking Paper.


Fat6 g Carbonhydrates10 g Protein1 g kCal95 Kilojoule398