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Pan Fried Seabass

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4 Sea Bass Fillet Sea Bass Fillet
100 g g Butter Butter
1 tbsp tbsp Caster Sugar Caster Sugar
dash dash Flour Flour
2 Lemon Lemon
1 packet packet Baby Potatos Baby Potato
1 handfuls handful Green Bean Green Bean

Pan Fried Seabass

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25 min


Seabass is a treasured fish, but smallish fillets need surprisingly little cooking...

  1. Trim your fillets well and remove the centre bones (pinions).also make sure there are no scales left on the skin as these will not be pleasant if left on.
  2. You can do this by scraping the skin from tail to top with the blunt end of a knife.
  3. Turn in seasoned flour, taking care to pat off any excess as it will burn easily then fry in olive oil over a medium high heat skin side down for 2 minutes then turn the fish skin side up and continue to fry for 1 minute.
  4. Add a little lemon juice and serve.
  5. Alternatively you could drizzle the Seabass with a little olive oil, season and grill under a preheated grill , skin side up for 4 minutes without turning .
  6. Serve this with some green beans and boiled potatoes and this simple lemon butter sauce.

Lemon butter sauce

  1. Bring the lemon and sugar to a gentle boil in a small pot and whisk in the butter bit by bit.
  2. When made keep in a warm place and do not boil again or it will split.