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Valentines Cocktails

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Raspberry Raspberry
(Fresh for Garnish)
100 g g Frozen Raspberry Frozen Raspberry
40 ml ml Vanilla Liqueur Vanilla Liqueur
Ice Cubes Ice Cube
(As desired)
1 - 2 tsp tsp Sugar Syrup Sugar Syrup
0,5 tsp tsp Pomegranate & Rose Gin Liqueur Pomegranate & Rose Gin Liqueur
250 ml ml Prosecco Prosecco

Pink Spice - Valentines Cocktails

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30 min


1. Skewer fresh raspberries on two cocktail sticks.2. Brush thawed raspberries through a sieve. 3. Ground pink pepper in a mortar. Shake both along with vanilla liqueur on ice cubes. 4. Season to taste with a little sugar syrup.5. Strain in 2 cocktail glasses. 6. Pour with chilled champagne and garnish with raspberry skewers.

Additional Requirements: Cocktail Sticks


Fat1 g Carbonhydrates24 g Protein2 g kCal237 Kilojoule991