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Turkey breast satay

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400 Turkey breast Turkey breast
(cut into strips)
1 cloves clove Garlic Garlic
1 tsp tsp Ginger Ginger
1 tsp tsp Curry Powder Curry Powder
1 tsp tsp Honey Honey

Satay sauce

2 tsp tsp Coriander Coriander
2 tsp tsp Peanut Butter Peanut Butter
150 ml ml Coconut Milk Coconut Milk
2 tsp tsp Soy Sauce Soy Sauce
1 Dried Red Chilli Pepper Dried Red Chilli Pepper
1 Lime Lime

Turkey Breast Satay

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40 min


  1. Mix ginger, garlic, curry powder, honey and rub over the turkey with seasoning.
  2. Leave for 20 minutes at room temperature, if you can, then skewer the turkey onto a bamboo skewer.
  3. For the sauce mix all the ingredients together in a pot and boil it and then simmer until thick and finish sauce with a squeeze of lime juice.
  4. Cook the turkey satag on a bbq or grill for five minutes on each side and serve on a plate and cover with sauce.