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Wild Garlic Tart with Potatoes, Peppers and Ham

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0,5 tsp tsp Sugar Sugar
10 g g Fresh Yeast Fresh Yeast
250 g g Flour Flour
1 pinches pinch Salt Salt
2 tbsp tbsp Olive Oil Olive Oil
400 g g Potato Potato
30 g g Wild Garlic Wild Garlic
200 g g Crème Fraîche Crème Fraîche
250 g g Pepper Pepper
150 g g Ham Ham
1 pinches pinch Baking Powder Baking Powder

Wild Garlic Tart with Potatoes, Peppers and Ham

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45 min



  • Crumble the yeast and dissolve with sugar in 125 ml of lukewarm water. Mix with flour, 1 tsp salt and oil to a smooth dough. Leave to go in a warm place for about 1 hour. Divide the dough into 4 portions and roll out very thinly on a little flour.
  • Bake the flatbreads one after the other in the preheated oven at 225 ° C for about 10 minutes.


  • Meanwhile peel, wash and slice the potatoes, boil in salted water for 4-5 minutes, allow to drain.
  • Clean and chop wild garlic, and crème fraiche adding salt and pepper to taste. Remove the skin from peppers cut into julienne strips.
  • Evenly spread crème fraiche mix on top of the flatbread. Cover with potatoes, peppers, lightly add salt and pepper.
  • Slice and spread Italian ham. Cut remaining wild garlic into strips, add before serving.


Fat35 g Carbonhydrates66 g Protein18 g kCal681 Kilojoule2851