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Classic Carbonara

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1 packet packet Bacon Bacon
1 Leek Leek
Salt Salt
1 Eggs Egg
4 Egg Yolks Egg Yolk
(beaten )
1 tbsp tbsp Olive Oil Olive Oil
50 g g Parmesan Parmesan
1 packet packet Spaghetti Spaghetti

Classic Carbonara

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10 min


1. Beet Egg whites with 1 tbsp of water

2. Cook the pasta as per packet instructions.

3. Fry the bacon bits in the oil until crisp & keep warm.

4. Stir half the parmesan into the egg yolk and water mixture.

5. When the pasta is nearly cooked add the shredded leeks and continue cooking for another 2-3 minutes.

6. Drain the pasta then return to the pot and lower the heat.

7. Stir in the egg and Parmesan mixture little by little, then season with salt & lots of black pepper.

8. Divide into warm bowls and scatter the crispy bacon over the top of each along with the remaining parmesan.